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We’ll provide the materials, technology, marketing and other tools—you provide the leadership and the men.

Watch the video trailer (on the right) and stay tuned for future offers and events.
Order and review the book, No Matter the Cost, and consider using this book—and the included 6-week study guide—for the upcoming men's small groups in your church.
Take a Baseline Spiritual Assessment of the Men in Your Church to determine the maturity of the men's ministry in your church.
Order books for your group on Amazon or other locations.
Kick-start the promotion in your church by partnering with us, Band of Brothers Ministry, and license our logos and branding for free.
Rally your men to join the No Matter the Cost study by utilizing the Sermon Notes and promotional video we'll provide for free.
Create a "platoon" for your group at our free online community website You and your men can use this to communicate with each other, participate in blogs and forums, schedule service projects and other men's events for your church.
Consider sending some of your key men's ministry leaders to a training event on Creating and Sustaining a Vibrant Men's Ministry at Your Church. This will be at Bear Trap Ranch, our Band of Brothers Retreat and Training Center in Colorado.
Retake the Baseline Spiritual Assessment of the Men in Your Church after you finish the study.
Celebrate how far your men's ministry has come when men in your church choose to follow our King NO MATTER THE COST!

Download a Brochure for your Pastor

No Matter the Cost Book Trailer from Next Direction on Vimeo.

"The Band of Brothers Ministry has greatly impacted our ability to foster a vibrant men's ministry in our church."

—Herb Parsons, Men's Pastor at Fayetteville Community Church